A Simple Web Server for Microsoft Windows


The idea of writing a web server first struck me when I was investigating Java in 1996. After reading through the language documentation, I decided that by developing a simple application I could learn the more esoteric aspects of Java -- multithreading and sockets. The outcome of my Java experimentation was Charlotte, a simple web server named after the small and wise spider from the book, Charlotte's Web. Since I first created Charlotte, it has spent most of its life tucked away on a floppy disk, a long forgotten victim of my fickle interests and academic demands. Wanting to gain the same educational benefits I experienced with the Java version, I recently began developing a Windows C/C++ version. As a result of the rewrite, Charlotte has been reborn as a 32-bit Windows Console application that utilizes multithreading and the Windows socket library, "Winsock." This article explains how Charlotte was written for the Windows operating system






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